Specialised Industrial Oils & Fats

Range of Specialty Oils & Fats

FAL produces a wide range of fats used in snack products like biscuits and extruded snacks. These fats have excellent fluidity to enable the spraying process. They have good oxidative stability giving the product a longer shelf life and are completely free of trans fats. They can be used for both spraying, frying and for ice-cream coating or as an effective moisture barrier for food and snacks.

FAL offers different types of oils and fats that add delicious flavour and aroma to fried products. These products come with the right sensory characteristics and high thermostability, in order to prevent rapid oxidization and polymerization.

Frying Solutions

FAL assures the best quality bakery foodslike biscuits, cookies, crackers and pastry with their wide range of low trans and trans-free Vanaspati, Margarines and Shortening that ensure crispy bites, good crumb structure and volume in bread.

Baking Solutions

Our vegetable fats help to achieve the perfect texture of ice-cream with higher production output. The wide range of frozen dessert fats helps maintain a balance of saturated and poly-unsaturated fats while reducing the cholesterol content.

Frozen Dessert Solutions

Our vegetable alternative to cocoa butter is not only a cost-effective solution but also comes with technical advantages & improved quality up to the final consumption & has a long shelf-life, improved storage stability, & better heat resistance.

Cocoa Butter Substitutes

FAL offers the industry a range of specialty fats for partial or total replacement of milk fat in the manufacturing of a wide range of frozen desserts, cooking cream and whipping cream as well as spreads that can be used in different kind of dairy analogue applications.

Dairy Fat Replacers

FAL offers specialty fats to chocolate & confectionary industry with highly specialized cocoa butter alternatives of premium functionality. The products offer advantages like steeper melting profile and improved shelf life with cost-effective attributes with cost-effective attributes.

Confectionery Fats

FAL provides manufacturers of infant formula, a series of vegetable oil blends based on carefully selected raw materials, with a balanced source of the essential fatty acids that the newborn infants need for healthy growth and development.


Infant Nutrition Oils & Fats

Alfa offers a wide range of high quality bakery fats that cater to the professional bakers in the institutional & industrial industries in India and worldwide. Alfa aims to be among the top two packaged edible Oils & Fats brands, offering the best value to customers and be the most referred supplier to the bakery and food service industry.

– Coconut Oil

– Palm Kernel Oil

– Frying Oil

– Soya Bean Oil

– Sunflower Oil

– Palmolein Oil

– Palmolein Oil (Super Olein)