Bakery Ingredients

International range of bakery ingredients

With an improved range of specialized bakery premixes, Pristine gives life to a baker’s passion by using superior quality ingredients and exceptional service. All our products are designed to suit standards set by most reputed chefs across the globe. Pristine’s range of products includes an assembly of cake and pastry mixes, donut mixes, brownie mixes, cookie mixes, bread improvers, and bread concentrates.

Pristine’s Cake & Sponge mixes are carefully articulated to offer the finest quality in cakes, sponges, bar-cakes & muffins to its customers, suitable for all types of bakery existing in the market.

Cake and Sponge Mixes

Our Super Veg Donut mix will give fluffy donuts that are tender and moist. We use top quality ingredients that produce the best results possible.

Donut Mixes

Our Super Veg Molten Lava mix bakes into a juicy spongy exterior filled with gooey chocolate lava.

Molten Lava Mixes

Our Super Veg Sweet Waffle mix produces crunchy golden brown waffles, which have a crisp thin crust and a soft Vanilla-flavoured center. You can serve it with any type of filling.

Waffle Mixes

Pristine Cake Concentrate is specially designed to offer a cost effective solution to produce the finest quality of cakes.

Cake Concentrate

Use our Super Veg Brownie mix to bake all types of brownies and make your customers happy.

Brownie Mixes

Our Super Chocochip Cookie mix is easy to use and can be easily integrated into multiple cookie recipes.

Cookies Mixes

Our Bromate-free bread improver for baking premium quality breads offers tolerance and excellent security during all stages of the bread making process.

Bread Improvers

A healthier fiber-rich alternative to the usual white bread, Pristine’s Brown Bread & Multigrain Concentrate is easy to bake and has multiple health benefits.

Brown Bread Concentrates

An easy-to-bake nutritious bread concentrate, our product is a blend of nine healthy grains and seeds including flax seeds, black sesame seeds, ragi and bajra flour, sunflower seeds, barley seeds, white oats, corn grits, whole wheat flour and wheat bran.

Multigrain Bread Concentrates