Grievance Handling

Grievance Redressal Procedure

The Grievance procedure aims at the settlement of grievances of our employees in the shortest possible time and at the lowest level. Grievances cover Acting, Amenities, Continuity of service, Compensation, Dismissal, Fines, Increment, Leave, Misconduct, Nature of the job, Promotions, Safety appliances, Suspension, Transfer, Victimisation, Warnings, and Human rights issue.

Employee Grevance
Grievance Handling

Grievance Redressal Committee

A Grievance Redressal Committee (GRC) is formed to promote and maintain a conducive and unprejudiced environment. The GRC will encourage employees to come up and express their difficulties and seek resolution of grievances which remain unresolved through existing norms.

The GRC recognizes the value and importance of a full discussion in clearing up misunderstandings and thus preserving the harmonious relations. Every effort will be made to resolving inquiries and complaints at the lowest possible level.