Allegro Brand

From the Mediterranean Farms

Allegro aims to bring one of the oldest traditions from Europe, the gift of the Mediterranean to the Indian audience. It is the finest Olive Oil brand with worldwide presence. Fresh olives, handpicked from its own Mediterranean farms, unlike most other brands, promises a mélange of aromas and flavors in its Extra Virgin Oil. It is quick to bottle and hence delivers fresher oil, better taste and consistent quality in every single drop.
It also has offerings in Extra Light and Pomace Olive Oil through multiple SKUs.

Allegro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Is an exquisitely superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold pressed from the finest quality of Olives from the Mediterranean region. Is ideal for drizzly over salads, pastas, pizzas, making dips and for sautéing veggies and meats.

– Premium Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– Tinted glass bottle for ideal Extra Virgin conditions

– Acidic content (<=0.5% compared to 0.8% Global standards for Extra Virgin)

– Rich in MUFA

Allegro Extra Light Olive Oil

Mediterranean Extra Light Olive Oil is specially recommended for Indian cooking and frying. It compliments all the traditional dishes, not only by preserving it’s natural flavours but also by adding the benefits of Olive Oil.

– Spanish Extra Light Olive Oil

– Is a blend of refined Olive Oil + Virgin Olive Oil

– Ideal for Indian Cooking, Baking & Deep Frying

– Rich in MUFA

Allegro Pomace Olive Oil

Is the finest blend of refined Pomace Oil with Virgin Olive Oil. It has a neutral taste and because of the high smoking point, it is ideal for deep frying and cooking.

– Spanish Olive Oil

– Is a blend of Pomace + Virgin Olive Oil

– High Smoking point makes it ideal for all types of cooking

– Rich in MUFA

The World of Allegro

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