Alfa Brand

Wide range of high-quality bakery fats

Alfa offers a wide range of high quality bakery fats that cater to the professional bakers in the institutional & industrial arena. It has a wide range of bakery fats that include Vanaspati for kharis, shortening for puffs, margarine for cakes, croissants & pastries and aerated shortening for cookies, icing etc. and much more. Alfa also offers a range of specialized oils & fats for industrial purposes across both food and non-food arena. The range of products include frying oils, dairy fat alternatives and fats for food applications like frozen desserts, confectionary and non-food applications like nutrition, pharmaceuticals and much more.

Range of Trans Fat Free Products

– Biscuit Trans Fat Free

– Croissant Margarine

Range of Puff & Kharis

– Alfa Puff Vanaspati

– Alfa Puff Margarine

– Alfa Gold Vanaspati

– Alfa Khari Margarine

– Alfa PB

Range of Biscuits & Cookies

– Alfa Cookie Shortening

– Alfa Biscuit Plus

– Alfa Biscuit Vanaspati

– Alfa Biscuit M

Range of Cakes, Icing & Creams

– Alfa Cake Margarine

– Alfa Cake Shortening

– Alfa Cream Margarine

Range of Specialized Fats

– Alfa 379 Vanaspati

– Alfa Breadz

Range of Industrial Fats

– Alfa Choco Champ (Vanaspati)

– Alfa Cool Delite (Vanaspati)

– Alfa Pro FFT 45 (Refined Palm Oil)

– Alfa Pro ICMP 40 (Edible Vegetable Fat)

– Alfa Pro PSCO 32 (Edible Vegetable Fat)

– Alfa PHS 39 (Vanaspati)

– Alfa BOS 36 (Vanaspati)

– Alfa Pro HQPO 36 (Refined Palm Oil)

Range of Specialized Oils

– Alfa Frying Oil

– Alfa Frylite

– Alfa Refine Palm Kernal Oil

– Alfa Refine Sunflower Oil

– Alfa Soya Bean Oil

The World of Alfa